Good Roots is Certified Naturally Grown!

What does Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) mean?

CNG is the grass roots alternative to certified organic. CNG standards are largely the same as those of the National Organic Program. For example, CNG producers do not use GMO seeds or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

CNG inspections are conducted by a local farmer. Farmer-inspectors are highly suited to ask specific questions based on their knowledge of the local pest pressures and farming challenges, and to make relevant suggestions.

The CNG participatory model a) ensures that standards are being upheld and b) strengthens the local farming community by connecting farmers to one another.

Find Good Roots on the CNG website:

Good Roots is a Multiple Choices Center for Independent Living, Inc. micro-enterprise training and production program for isolated individuals. Isolation can be based on race, creed, gender, ethnicity, disability, and/or other differences. The end result is often the same – poverty, prejudice, limited resources, and lack of opportunity.

Good Roots trainees learn the art and science of starting seedlings, and the rudiments of small business ownership, while contributing to their local communities through the production and sales of quality organically grown vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings.

To purchase plants directly from Good Roots in Athens, visit us at Multiple Choices Center for Independent Living located at 145 Barrington Drive. Good Roots folks are available at the Center most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8 until 5 (or after). Please call ahead (or text), however, in the event that we are out in the field.

What is Good Roots?

Dear Good Roots Patron, 

​ Here we go into the December Holiday Season, moving along toward Winter Solstice. After Winter Solstice, days will be getting longer. The weather between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox (and after) can be quite iffy. Will we have snow, sleet, ice? Will we have relatively mild days and nights?

Here at Good Roots, we are reticent to predict much regarding weather.

But we do try our best to tend to our growing endeavors throughout the year. Sometimes we slog around in cold and wet, moving plants from inside to outside, from outside to inside. Sometimes folks watch us tend plants on particularly lovely days with some sort of longing; during such times, we are seemingly not tethered to computers and paperwork.

When we sow, fertilize, or transplant, we are ever appreciative of being able to offer Certified Naturally Grown vegetable, flower, and herb seedlings to our local communities.

Each seed is sown by an individual with physical and/or cognitive challenges. And, did you know that each seed, even the tiniest, contains within it an embryonic plant? We honor each seed that is sown. And we nurture each sown seed, and we delight in the emergence of the first root (the radicle) and the first “leaves” (the cotyledons) and the subsequent true leaves and roots and shoots and flowers and fruits.

Oh. Let us know if you’d like for us to custom sow a particular crop or variety for you. We can do so, your seeds or ours.

Enjoy these colorful days of abscission – that process during which deciduous plants shed their leaves through an intermingling of biochemical and physical changes largely controlled by plant hormones. And for those of you not fond of cold, take heart. Each day that passes brings us one day closer to Spring!

Come see our plants. We are at Multiple Choices Center for Independent Living. Our address is 145 Barrington Drive. Barrington Drive is an elbow-shaped road between Cedar Shoals Drive and Gaines School Road. Call or text to ensure that we Multiple Choices - Good Roots folks are on-site to show you around

(706/424-4080 voice or text).

Again, we thank you for supporting Good Roots at Multiple Choices.


Good Roots Staff

Stephanie Bergamo